30 years of breeding sheep ....





The first Torddu Badger Face sheep were kept at Llwyn-on in the Llanthony Valley, almost 30 years ago. When Lucy was still a teenager, her mother was on an annual visit to the NSA Ram Sale at Builth Wells when she wandered into a marquee and saw the unusually marked Badgers. A couple of old ewes were purchased and taken back to Llanthony, resulting in the birth of the Llwyn-on Flock.

The flock now numbers about 85 Torddu breeding ewes, with ewe lambs kept annually to go into the flock. Vowchurch in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire, on the Welsh Border is now home to the flock.  The first Torwens were purchased in the autumn of 2013. 

The ease of keeping these sheep, together with the mothering ability of the ewe and the fact that they can be easily crossed with any terminal sire, is the reason that the Badgers have remained the Breed of choice. Their inquisitive nature and distinctive appearance simply add to their appeal.